Open source

Giving back to the software community

WegoWise is built on a solid foundation of open-source tools. Whenever possible, we share our custom software with others.

Dump Dump 73851410

Sinatra app that saves html dumps to a Redis hash key, deploys on Heroku and reports errors to Airbrake.

Heroku RDS Herokurds 862446e7

Heroku plugin allowing you to manage Amazon RDS instances, including push/pull functionality.

Memoizer Memoizer 4abd09c8

Memoizer will memoize the results of your methods. It acts much like ActiveSupport::Memoizable without all of that freezing business.

Polymorpheus Polymorpheus 3ec75ba3

Polymorphic relationships in Rails that keep your database happy with almost no setup.

Rack::Molasses Rackmolasses d9056930

Cache control middleware.

Remotely Remotely a670bcd2

Remotely lets you specify associations for your models that should be fetched from a remote API instead of the database.

Resque::Reset Resquereset c2978c0f

Resque::Reset handles resetting of Resque metadata, including counts for number of jobs processed, number of failed jobs, workers count, etc.

Seeder Seeder 57e0e096

Cache control middleware.

SortAuthority Sort authority ff2066f6

Faster string ordering for humans. Natural order string comparison.

Stagehand Stagehand eba9d2a5

Stagehand helps you QA your Pivotal Tracker features. It comes in two parts, the Admin UI and the Front-End Rails Engine.

Watchdog Watchdog 5a84b298

Watchdog ensures your extensions and monkey patches don't redefine existing methods as well as get redefined by others.