Data Security

WegoWise is committed to following industry best practices in safeguarding data and providing a reliable and secure experience for our customers.


WegoWise is a cloud-based web application. This means that we do not operate our own servers, store your data locally, or interact with any credit card information directly. We utilize the best service providers available, who focus on doing all of these things to the highest standards of security and reliability, and have proven track records.

Our own development, testing, deployment, and customer service protocols are designed to further ensure that your data is secure, that your privacy is protected, and that your experience in utilizing our service is as enjoyable as possible.

Secure Communications

WegoWise uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that your interactions with the site are secure and private. Any attempt to access the application, even public pages, through the standard unsecured HTTP protocol is rerouted to a secure connection in order to prevent any chance for user sessions to be hijacked.

Physical Infrastructure

The physical infrastructure that WegoWise operates on is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DigitalOcean. Both providers routinely undergo rigorous security audits, have obtained all industry leading certifications and accreditations, and have incredibly strong records for data security and privacy.

Additional Security Protocols

All WegoWise employees follow rigorous and thorough security protocols internally, including encrypting development machines, anonymizing user data, and communicating through secure protocols.

Data Retention and Backup

In order to reduce the risk of data loss, we perform regular database backups of the WegoWise database, and are able to restore data from the database to any point in time from the last 30 days. Backups are used for the purpose of insuring against unforeseen events, and are not shared with any third parties.


WegoWise uses state-of-the-art data encryption methods to encrypt sensitive data, such as utility account access passwords and WegoWise site access passwords. Sensitive data is filtered from our logs and is never stored in an unencrypted form.

Credit Card Information

Credit card payment and processing is handled by Stripe, providing reliable, PCI-compliant services. Your information is securely transmitted to Stripe and is not stored by WegoWise.