WegoData provides an automated stream of accurate utility data so you can focus your time and effort on using it – not collecting it.

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From only $1.50 per meter per month. More details

Our customers are using WegoData to:

  • Eliminate manual utility data collection, resulting in fewer errors and less time and effort spent collecting bill data
  • Power their software platforms, integrating utility bill data with key functions like energy analytics, utility billing, and sustainability efforts
  • Remove the administrative burden of aggregating and analyzing utility data when conducting energy audits
  • Measure the performance of solar and renewable energy investments
  • Qualify potential solar PV customers using actual, not estimated, data
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WegoData’s key capabilities:

  • Complete utility bill data: WegoData collects over 20 data points from each bill.
  • Automatically delivered: WegoData automatically transmits data as soon as you request it.
  • Downloadable data: export data in spreadsheet or JSON format, or simply access it online, whenever you need it, through the API.
  • Simple setup: just a few quick steps to connect to the utility accounts you need.
Download a sample data set to see what WegoData results look like firsthand

$1.50 per meter per month

For just $1.50 per meter per month, you’ll have access to the 20+ data points WegoData pulls from each utility provider and unlimited API calls. You’ll also be able to access our free monthly benchmarking data as available in WegoWise’s Public API.

First month of data collection (includes all available historical data): $18/meter
Second month and beyond: $1.50/meter/month
By the Numbers
510+ Supported utility companies
5.1M Data points collected
1B Square feet supported
119k+ Meters collecting data
20+ Utility bill data points delivered
through the WegoData API