Lock in favorable supply contract rates and simplify energy procurement

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WegoPower makes energy procurement simple and transparent. We analyze your utility data to assess your usage patterns and position in the energy market, get the top regional competitors from our 30+ energy suppliers to compete for your business, present you with the most cost-effective options, and advise you when to buy. You lock in favorable rates and take the uncertainty out of utility budgeting.
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We shop around to find you lower energy costs

Utilities make up a huge proportion of your operating expenses, but shopping for the best rates on your own can be incredibly complex. Rates are constantly changing, supplier and product options are overwhelming, and it’s hard to know if the contracts you’ve been offered are truly the best available.

With WegoPower, we’re taking the work out of energy procurement, automatically shopping around to provide you with the best offers from energy suppliers, and, at the same time, taking any remaining uncertainty out of your utility budgeting process.

How WegoPower Works

First, we assess your energy usage

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WegoPower uses data from your energy bills to analyze your usage and rate history. The platform can review rates for as many or as few of your properties as you like in order to find lower ones.

Then, we shop around

We find you the best energy contract rates—for the term and timing that make sense for your business. WegoPower’s technology examines market activity and automatically pulls the best energy plans available. If we discover it’s not the best time to buy, we’ll let you know that, too, and present an offer when conditions are more favorable.

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It’s quick and easy to review the best supply contract offers and lock in great rates at exactly the right time. Locking in these rates means you can rest easy when budgeting for your portfolio’s utility expenses.

We keep working for you, even after you sign

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In addition to monitoring your utility bills for accuracy, WegoPower also helps you track costs. We send regular performance reports that make it easy for you to see contract dates and account performance compared to our benchmarks.

When it’s time to renew, we’ve got your back

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WegoPower stays on top of your contract dates and will generate a new offer, customized to your energy needs, when market conditions are the most favorable.

Dedicated energy analysts and support staff

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Like all WegoWise customers, WegoPower clients have access to our dedicated, expert energy analysts to answer any questions you have along the way.

We take the headache out of energy procurement

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WegoPower proposals and reports are clear and easy to understand. They highlight the best rates and give you a snapshot of the energy market, simplifying your decision-making process.

Why choose WegoPower?

  • Our network of 30+ suppliers means we find you the best energy rates—not just the ones from suppliers with the biggest marketing budgets
  • Savings are clear, measurable, and transparent, so it’s easy for everyone in your organization to see how you’re reducing costs
  • Choose energy from standard or renewable sources: we’ve got both options
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Frequently Asked Questions about WegoPower

Where is WegoPower available?
WegoPower is available in 16 states (and the District of Columbia!) where energy is deregulated, including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia. Map 988f57de
What is energy deregulation?
About half of US states are deregulated, meaning energy buyers like building owners, property managers, and more can choose who supplies their energy. Deregulation has helped lower the cost of energy for these buyers. In fact, over 95% of the country’s largest real estate holders participate in energy procurement, saving billions each year.
Why not choose my own supplier or use an energy broker?
Some organizations do choose to do this by managing their energy themselves, learning the intricacies of the energy market and evaluating retailer rates in what can be a time-consuming process. Others work with energy brokers, who often don’t have the whole picture and make partnerships with only a handful of suppliers, potentially missing out on the best available rates. And, unlike WegoWise, brokers can’t devote the time and effort it takes to manually track your portfolio’s performance and ensure it meets expectations.
How do you know I’ll save money using WegoPower instead of my current supplier?
WegoPower calculates your “Price to Compare” by looking at your last year of rates as well as future published rates from the utility. We then see if the lowest price on the market is less than your Price to Compare.  If it is, we’ll help you take advantage of that lower price and track your savings. If it isn’t, we’ll keep searching the market until we find something better for you.
What if I’m already on contract with another energy supplier?
No problem. WegoPower will keep an eye on your account and have an proposal ready for you when your current contract ends—all without cost or obligation.
How many suppliers does WegoPower work with?
WegoPower currently works with 30+ suppliers, all of which are established and reputable in the industry. That includes Direct Energy, Constellation, Sprague, NextEra, ConEd Solutions, and energy.me.  
Will I still get bills from my utility?
Yes, the new supplier’s charges will appear on your utility bill, and you’ll continue to pay it just like you do now.

Curious about WegoPower?

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