About us

It's important to us at WegoWise that our work produces a tangible benefit for the world.

More efficient buildings are key to mitigating the effects of climate change. Fortunately, efficiency produces economic benefits as well: lower utility bills and more jobs. That's why we're building tools that enable people to make smarter decisions about how they build and invest in buildings. We get to play with exciting technology and rich new data sets that move the entire industry forward.

Our team is diverse, but we all share certain basic values: integrity, respect, caring, perseverance, and a dedication to quality. We aim not only to tackle difficult problems, but to do so in the best way possible.

We love what we do. That's why we put so much into making WegoWise second to none.

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Barun Singh
Barun Singh Founder & CTO
Laila Partridge
Laila Partridge CEO
Dan Teague
Dan Teague Chief Strategy Officer
Joe Cordo
Joe Cordo Chief Marketing Officer
Wistar Wood
Wistar Wood Chief Sales Officer
Catherine Zelenkofske
Catherine Zelenkofske Director of People Operations
Kristen Vonsmith
Kristen Vonsmith VP of Finance
Jack Wood
Jack Wood VP of Engineering
Jagathi Gururajan
Jagathi Gururajan COO
Alex Bond
Alex Bond Engineering
Nathan Fixler
Nathan Fixler Engineering
Joseph Method
Joseph Method Engineering
Sam Watters
Sam Watters Director of Product Management
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen Director of Partner Operations
Eric Wengenroth
Eric Wengenroth Director of Sales
Tricia Dinkel
Tricia Dinkel Director of Data Analytics
Kristina DiSanto
Kristina DiSanto Director of Customer Success
Justin Dewyea
Justin Dewyea Engineering
Dan Winer
Dan Winer Design & UX
Janet Chuang
Janet Chuang Engineering
Andrew Klimm
Andrew Klimm Accounting
Joshua Haffner
Joshua Haffner Program Management
Bennett Courrier-Oaster
Bennett Courrier-Oaster Client Services
Rachael Huebner
Rachael Huebner Project Support
Brandon Tacconelli
Brandon Tacconelli Operations
Phil Darnowsky
Phil Darnowsky Engineering
Cecilia Gamba
Cecilia Gamba Data Quality
Ellen McNulty
Ellen McNulty Data Quality
Kate Flaherty
Kate Flaherty Marketing
Megan Botel
Megan Botel Accounts
Joe Caron
Joe Caron Accounts
Joshua Elowe
Joshua Elowe Accounts
Tate Molaghan
Tate Molaghan Client Services
Todd Neill
Todd Neill Client Services
Sam Madden
Sam Madden Business Development
Peter Reiley
Peter Reiley Accounts
Bryan Ash
Bryan Ash Engineering
Aidan Callan
Aidan Callan Client Services
Claire McLeish
Claire McLeish Client Services
Chris Guiney
Chris Guiney Client Services
Wit Vivian
Wit Vivian Accounts