Benchmark CT

Small state, big energy savings

WegoWise, in partnership with the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority and Connecticut Green Bank, will benchmark over 1,600 buildings across Connecticut and guide owners through an analysis to identify opportunities to reduce energy costs.

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Why Benchmark CT?

Connecticut’s newest statewide benchmarking program aims to improve the energy performance of the state’s multifamily housing stock. Multifamily housing in the U.S. has huge potential for energy and cost savings: if all efficiency opportunities were addressed, multifamily housing could drive $9 billion in energy savings by 20201.

1 “ENERGY STAR for existing multifamily housing”. US Environmental Protection Agency. 19 May, 2016

$9 billion in energy savings by 2020

How does the program work?

Participants receive a free year of WegoWise’s benchmarking software and access to dedicated energy analysts to facilitate data collection and analysis.

Participating building owners provide basic information about their buildings and utility accounts, and the rest happens automatically. WegoWise downloads energy and water use data directly from your utility company and presents it so you can easily see trends and patterns in usage. The result? Actionable information that can save participating owners time and money.

How Benchmark CT program works

Who can participate?

Owners of multifamily buildings with 5 or more units may participate.

What is benchmarking, and why is it important?

Benchmarking is a method of comparing the energy and water consumption of your building against similar peers.

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Key benefits of benchmarking:

  • Quickly and easily identify the biggest opportunities for improvement
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Improve NOI
  • Increase building efficiency