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What is Local Law 84?

Local Law 84 requires owners of large residential and commercial buildings in the five boroughs to submit annual energy and water consumption reports to the City.


Local Law 84 is one of four regulations created by the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP). New York City has almost one million buildings in an area of about 300 square miles, and these buildings make up the majority of energy and water used by the city. So in order for the city to reach its goal of a 30% reduction in citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the GGBP was formed specifically to address this problem of energy waste in existing buildings.

Does it impact me?

Local Law 84 impacts you if you own a building that is larger than 25,000 square feet or if you have two or more buildings in a single lot that are larger than 100,000 square feet. You can see if your building falls under this requirement by checking the LL84 Covered Building List. Covered buildings that have an Automatic Meter Reader installed are required to submit water consumption reports in addition to energy consumption.

What are the deadlines?

LL84 requires reports to be submitted by May 1 of each year. If you miss the May 1 deadline, the next quarterly deadlines for compliance are August 1, November 1, and February 1.

What are the fines?

Failure to comply by the aforementioned deadlines will result in a fine. There is a $500 penalty for missing the May 1 deadline, and failure to comply by the following quarterly deadlines will result in additional penalties of $500 each, with a maximum of $2,000 in fines.

How do I comply?

In order to comply with Local Law 84, building owners must report energy and water usage to EPA’s Portfolio Manager platform, a reporting tool that allows building owners to compare their building’s energy efficiency with similar buildings. A unique report must be submitted for each building covered by the law.

WegoWise and NYC consulting firm Steven Winter Associates have partnered to offer a streamlined compliance service for LL84. This service has been utilized by hundreds of multifamily and commercial buildings to submit the necessary documentation to the City of New York. In addition to compliance, these owners receive ongoing online utility tracking tools, identification of utility cost savings opportunities, and guidance to find the most appropriate financial incentive programs for their buildings.

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