Energy Service Providers

WegoWise helps energy service providers, auditors, and consultants focus on what they do best. Our technology saves you a tremendous amount of time and allows you to offer a higher level of service to your customers.

Here are some of the reasons energy service providers partner with WegoWise:

Save time and reduce administrative burden

  • WegoWise has built unique technology that automatically retrieves and updates energy and water data from your customer utility accounts on a monthly basis, freeing you from the time and burden of manual bill collection and tracking. You can use WegoWise software to visualize and analyze the data, or simply receive automated utility data fed through our API.
  • All of your customers' utility data will be organized in a central WegoWise platform for analysis. Data is sharable on a client-by-client basis.
  • Client utility data can be seamlessly sent to Portfolio Manager for reporting and creating ENERGY STAR® scores.
  • You can outsource energy disclosure law reporting and compliance to WegoWise as needed.

Bring more value to your customers

  • WegoWise has benchmarked more than 27,000 buildings, and has the most robust, useful database of utility performance data in the multifamily industry. This means we can benchmark multifamily buildings like no one else. We offer a rich custom reporting toolkit that allows you to perform refined benchmarking comparisons and analyses
  • Our core business is producing data-driven software for energy and water management, which is evident in our user interface and visualizations. Our clean, compelling dashboards and reporting toolkit perfectly complement the services offered by energy consultants

Showcase your impact

In addition to our WegoPro software, we offer WegoPremium reports that provide measurement and verification of projects (IPMVP Option C), variance tracking, budget outlooks, and more. ESPs find these reports invaluable in showcasing the results of their work to their customers.

Energy service providers have different needs and goals. Some of our partners take advantage of our dashboards, while others benefit most from our automated utility data fetching, our benchmarking tools, M&V reports, or energy disclosure compliance service. Whatever your needs, we'd love to explore whether WegoWise can help you reach your goals.

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